Tel Aviv Open Air Markets

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The open air markets in Tel Aviv reflect the unique cultural history of Israel and are a great way to spend your day exploring the city. There are plenty of places to shop in the TLV, but the outdoor markets are like no other. If you’re looking for some bargains or a one-of-a-kind gift for someone back home, try one of these open air markets in Tel Aviv.

HaCarmel Market is Tel Aviv’s biggest open air market where you can find an unbelievable amount of fresh Israeli-grown fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and more. Do not be afraid to haggle if you feel up to it. Located at Allenby an HaCarmel Streets near the Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood, open from Sunday to Friday.

The Outdoor Craft Market starts at Mogen David square, again on Allenby, close to the HaCarmel market, and winds its way down Nachalat Benyamin. It is probably the best place in town for unique and affordable handmade jewelry and Judaica artwork. A great place for a stroll, open Tuesdays an Fridays during midday.

Down in Jaffa, you’ll find a flea market in the little alleys between Yefet St. and Jerusalem Blvd, not far from the Old Clock Tower. The bazaar-style market offers antiques, jewelry, clothes and a whole range of second hand items. Open Sunday to Friday from 10am to late afternoon.

Finally the Tel Aviv port, or Namal in Hebrew is a must on your market list. The curvaceous design of the promenade is lined with a panoply of fabulous shops and little cozy restaurants. Be sure to make a stop at the organic food market, which is one of the best around. Be sure to check out this guide on bartering, haggling and negotiating in Israel before you go.

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